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How to start, register for my child?

We made it very simple. Complete registration on Register page by filling up the form and pay $65 registration fees. Rest we will look after. Administration will call and confirm your place, name of teacher and when to start.
Schedule is one teacher who would take your child two days per week. It is considered 90 minutes of session. Session days are mentioned at the 'Register' page. If you have question at any time please call or email us.
Fees are very affordable and easy to pay. You have to pay only first month fees through the links under 'Pay Fees' page. From the second month onward we will manage fees with you by filling up direct deposit forms.

How does it work for each subject?

Your child does not have to leave home, you dont drive. After registration we will send you the link to use for live training - Cisco Webex which you have to download or install on your laptop or tablet. We will add your child to the team with teacher. After registration our team will help you to install and try out how to use before actual classes starts. We will also let your child familiar with Google Classroom for the daily math/science work sheets, homework and presentations.
Entire curriculum is based on what Provincial Government has decided and it is under 'Courses' page. We will make sure in a given time to cover the maximum curriculum where students have learned and practiced enough.
Our strategy is to cover unit by unit, chapter by chapter. Having said that, Each unit we will start with the basics about the unit. First chapter to start with where teacher will give complete understanding in the session. Teacher will give good time with small number of kids to ask questions and make sure each of them have understood concepts. Teacher will give practice page to kids and watch how they do. Meanwhile teacher will take any questions from kids to make sure they are learning slowly and steadily. The entire session of 90 minutes will be learning and practice. Teacher will give enough work from where kids will start working on off-days and send assignments to teacher (uploading to Google Drive). Teacher will review before the class and give feedback to kids during the intervals.
Our focus would be the entire package, learning the curriculum, preparing for ongoing quizzes, PATs and many more things. We will make your child not only learn the subject but also get the confidence for the ongoing grades.

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